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Our Team

St. Jude’s is an ethusiastic team with Confident Young and Enlightened Old Minds working together for a reason, i.e,


This is a venture built to save the Earth from extincting, This powerful team is working untiringly in researching for new prodcts to save earth as well as Humans.

Our history

In 2010, Dr. Rajesh P Jose moved to Kasaragod to settle down as a farmer but fate had other plans for him. On one fine morning, he was called in for any help he could do as a Ayurvedic Physician to an house nearby.

It looked like a case of severe bone deformity and mental retardation but patient’s lone mother had different opinion, “It’s Endosulfan sir” she had said in a tone both weary and dejected. Her son was 21 year old but he couldn’t stand or speak, forget daily chores. Local Doctor warned him against treating such victims, “It’s beyond our capability sir” he had said.

This was just one example of the pesticide poisoning and there were still thousands around here. If we can’t treat them, can we stop this from happening again?

More than 5 years Later, On 14th of June 2016, We were incorporated as St. Jude Herbals Private Limited, Equipped with a Solution: Plantopathy


Our vision is to save earth by stopping the World from poisoning itself and nature in name of “saving”, and getting it the most accurate herbal care by our products across the globe. 


We are committed to make everyone live as nature wants us to be, by our go–green products. We want to be the household word throughout the globe for the wonderful herbal care

We keep on improving our existing products and researching new products for different causes under the guidance of the founders.


Be it a Trade enquiry or to know more about us and about our products or to place an order. Just call us, We are waiting and ready to help.