St. Jude's
Plant Immune Stimulator​



one solution for THE diseases OF


For all
Plant Diseases

Irrespective of what has caused the disease, If it is a disease, It can be treated.

Spend just
₹4 - ₹5 per Plant

That is all you'll have to spend to protect your crops from diseases.

Purly Herbal Formulation

This product is manufactured by extraction of Herbs.

Don't Spray,
Just Feed it.

There is no need of Spraying this medicine. Just feed it to the root of Plants.

₹ 989/-

1000 ML

Frequently asked questions

Dilute St. Jude’s Plant Immune Stimulator – VSF with water in such ratio that there is 5ml of medicine in 1 liter of Water. Then, Apply 1 Litre of Mixture to the root of Plants.

This product mimics the work of medicines used by us, humans. It main works through following Five-Fold Pathway;

1) It activates the Systemic Immune Resistance towards Pathogens By Plant Elicitors (aka Plant Vaccine as we call it)

2) Leads to Production of Jasmonic Acid, An Important hormone for induction of Plant Defence.

3) Anti – Quorum Sensing and Anti – Biofilm which shatters the communication between Bacteria resulting in stunted Pathogenesis or Disease Spreading.

4) Inhibits the Replication of Pathogens by different Anti – Pathogenic Properties.

5) Plant Hormones and Metabolites accelerates growth and increases yield.

It is normally used 2 – 3 times in a Season/Year. (Depending on Crop)

This product can be used both as a preventive measure and as a curative medicine. So, It can be used before the onset of disease for Prevention or after Pathogenesis as Medicine for cure.

Adsolutely Nope. As it is purely herbal, It has no side effects to crop, environment or for humans.

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